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Clustering and reasonab
1, the clustering principle The source, body condition, temperament and feed the pigs and so close to gregarious feeding, cluster management, sub tank feedi

Integration of industr
Pork is important that people can not do without food every day, with the development and progress of society, people's living standards increase year by year,

Pig people need to cha
1, the triples cultivate their own breeding pigs Immediate vested interests: Three Pigs by cultivating their own pigs, one can save about 400-500 dollars.

The first project in Si
Cattle in the town of Meishan City, Sichuan rich Dongpo first base for Chinese herbal medicine has changed kind of pig "signs have been replaced in front of Mei

Ill expert of high fever
In the Anhui province that held a few days ago dimensions changed disease of pig farm high fever to prevent and cure integratedly Spring 2008 on new technology

Situation of the epidemi
Indulge in wilful persecution two years long send disease of ill sex La Er high to be asked for integratedly, ever let pig farming people become terror-stricken

Safety raises pig standa
Thoroughbred concept concentration is fine carry good health In the choose and buy child when the pig takes kind of pig, according to the other side genealog

A variety of elements of
Pig farm can undertake administrative to the oestrus of the sow, so that satisfy manufacturing need, large pig farm often is adjusted group group size, control

Hunan white pig
This pig is planted is Hubei province is in " 75 " , " 85 " during, new strain of the lean lean that breeding goes pig, this pig is planted have productivity ca

In fork black pig
   1, constitutional appearance In whole body of fork black pig is by wool and skin black, extremely individual have palm fibber, body human body shallow,

" of first village class
Reporter fromGuizhouProvince pasturageVetBureau know, GuizhouSave first 95 villages classVetEpidemic prevention personnel obtained letter of qualification of th

Pig of Fosan this locali
FosanWhat this locality breeds is unripePigHave “ 2 acting Id! ” yesterday, reporter fromFosanCity agriculture bureau learns, FosanAlready began opp

Pig of clone of gene of
Report from our correspondent recently, the clone pig ” that 3 “ contain gene of virus of the acute communicable diseases that fight a pig is in Jil

Kunming pork price falls
“ pork price fell again, comparing of a few phase of the moon fell in front of nearly 5 money! ” lives in Ms. Liu of the road austral Kunming offici